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The Evenlode Global Income Fund

Following feedback from our clients, we have developed the Evenlode Global Income Fund as a natural evolution of the investment proposition offered by the Evenlode Income Fund.

The Global Income fund is an opportunity for our clients to access the Evenlode investment process applied to a broader range of investment opportunities. The portfolio will be different to but have the same flavour as our original fund.

The Evenlode Global Income Fund will invest in a select group of global companies over the long term, with the aim of delivering an attractive yield today combined with sustainable real dividend growth over time. The fund will consist of a diverse range of companies that draw their cash flows from differing sources in varied geographies.

The new fund will launch on the 6th November 2017 and will be managed on a day-to-day basis by Evenlode co-founder Ben Peters and by co-manager Chris Elliott, supported by an established team of investment professionals and support staff.

Ben has expanded on the thinking behind the Evenlode Global Income Fund in his latest investment view, available here: 

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