Introducing Evenlode


We’re a small, friendly, dedicated team determined to do the best for our private and institutional investors every day.

We think and care deeply about what we do and believe in the business model we’re building. We take our responsibilities to our clients’ wealth very seriously. We are constantly looking for opportunities to generate attractive long-term returns without taking undue risks.

Our portfolios aren't huge, but are carefully chosen. We believe in quality over quantity every time. We follow a select group of companies extremely closely, conducting thorough evaluation work and scouring accounts for clues and potential warning signs. Our preference is for businesses that have few physical assets, and can generate a good return on capital indefinitely.

And our holy grail is compound interest, described by Albert Einstein as “the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it."

The Oak Investment Partnership

Evenlode Investment is part of The Oak Investment Partnership. The Partnership is made up of three operating subsidiaries which includes Evenlode Investment Management Ltd, Wise Funds Ltd and Wise Investment Ltd.

The Partnership’s primary purpose is to provide a stable long-term home for its Partner Companies, ensuring they focus on delivering an excellent and continually improving service to our clients over the very long term.

The Partnership became employee owned back in 2013. We believe our most important ‘assets’ are our people, both in terms of the ideas they have and the long-term relationships they build with people both inside and outside of the organisation. Employee ownership is a great way of nurturing and reinforcing a team-based culture and places individual responsibility at its core.

As an employee-owned Partnership, we are saying to our clients ‘we will be here for you, for the long haul’.

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