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Evenlode Global Dividend Fund

The Evenlode Global Dividend Fund is an Irish-domiciled fund and invests using the same strategy as the UK-domiciled IFSL Evenlode Global Income Fund. It invests in market-leading businesses across a range of sectors including information technology, healthcare, consumer goods, media and selected professional service and industrial firms.

No matter what the industry, these companies have several traits in common; they provide value-adding goods and services for their customers, they generate high returns on invested capital, and ample cash flow to fund their operations today, investment for the future and their dividend distributions to shareholders.

We use the equity market to manage corporate valuation risk and opportunity, targeting the best combination of quality and value at any given time.

Key Details

About this Fund

  • Emphasis on sustainable real dividend growth

  • Focus on companies with high return on capital and strong free cash flow

  • Free cash flow and dividend streams from diverse geographies

  • Low portfolio turnover, long-term holding periods

  • Focus on larger companies

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How to Invest

Evenlode funds are available through a number of channels depending on what type of investor you are.

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Fund Managers

Ben Peters

Portfolio Manager

Ben Peters co-founded Evenlode and is the lead Portfolio Manager on the Evenlode Global Income strategy team. He has been an Investment Analyst for Evenlode Income since the fund launched in 2009 and became co-manager in December 2012.

Ben holds a doctorate from Oxford University and a first-class degree from UCL, both in the field of physics. He holds the Investment Management Certificate and has also passed the CFA Level 1 exam.

Chris Elliott

Portfolio Manager

Chris Elliott is a Portfolio Manager on the Evenlode Global Equity and Global Income strategies teams and joined Evenlode in 2015. Prior to Evenlode, Chris worked as a senior software engineer.

Chris graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. He is a fully qualified Chartered Financial Analyst.

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