We’re disciplined about sticking to our knitting.

We have a defined investment philosophy, and we intend to live by it. This is nothing fancy or radical or exciting, but it does involve being steadfast and single minded.

We look for a particular type of company. They may or may not be household names, but they need to have a certain reputation for quality, and sell products or services that people come back to buy time and time again. They also travel light — by which we mean they don’t have a lot of capital assets. There is more risk attached to companies that own lots of real estate or planes or oil rigs, as with so much money invested in physical stuff, an attractive return on capital is much harder to achieve.

We also make it our business to get to know the boards and management teams of our companies. Finding out how they operate and understanding their long-term plans is imperative. We don’t flit and dabble with fads and fashions. We keep the faith.

We eat our own cooking

We invest our clients’ savings alongside our own. So they can rest assured that we always have their best interests at heart. 

Knowledge is power. That’s why we undertake detailed statistical and quantitative analysis of the markets, and constantly monitor the valuations and fundamental performance of the companies we follow. In this line of work, it’s vital to be informed and up-to-speed, ready to seize the best opportunities when they arise. And when share prices swing around — as they inevitably do — we don’t get jumpy or over-react. Experience has taught us to hold our nerve and see the bigger picture. By communicating openly and honestly with our clients, we hope they can see the sense in this too — even when times are bad.

We’ve done our time in the City, and taken lessons from it. Now we are fully committed to making a success of Evenlode. This is it, this is us, and we won’t be leaving any time soon for pastures new. Which means we’ll be looking after your investment portfolio diligently and for many years to come.

You should note that capital is at risk with these investments and you may get back less than you invested. The value of your investment as well as any income paid may fluctuate. 

Past performance cannot be relied upon as a guide to future performance.