Evenlode Global Income Fund

Fund attributes
  • Emphasis on sustainable real dividend growth

  • Focus on companies with high return on capital and strong free cash flow

  • Free cash flow and dividend streams from diverse geographies

  • Low portfolio turnover, long-term holding periods

  • Focus on larger companies

Key Details

The Evenlode Global Income Fund has launched! The initial offer period will close 17th November.

For more information on the new fund click here and to find out how to invest click here.

Where to invest

Evenlode funds are available through a number of channels depending on what type of investor you are.

How to invest
Awards & Ratings
  • Citywire
  • Logo Crown
  • Logo Elite Rated
  • Logo Money Fund
  • Logo Rated
  • Ben Peters

    Ben Peters

    Fund Manager & CEO

    Ben has been co-manager of the Evenlode Income fund since 2012 having been the fund’s analyst since its launch in 2009. He was appointed to the board of Wise Group (Evenlode Investment’s employee-owned parent company) in 2012 and became CEO in 2015.     As a complement to his research Ben is actively engaged with the financial community, interacting with the IASB, EFRAG and others as a member of the Corporate Reporting User’s Forum.  Ben...

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  • Chris Elliott

    Chris Elliott

    Fund Manager and Investment Analyst

    Chris joined the Investment Management team in March 2015, having previously completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations. With a background in economics, having received an MA from Cambridge University, and computer programming, previously a Senior Software Engineer at Oxford University Press; Chris primarily produces detailed fundamental analysis of companies and industries. This ranges from the quantitative analysis of financial ratios and valuations, to the qualitative analysis of business strategy and competitive advantages. Further to...

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